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Let us invite you the specialities

of History, Communication and  Tourism Faculty!


Specialty Tourism and Hospitality

Specialty Joarnalism

Specialty Information and Communication

Specialty Linguistik Suppart for Iuterculturae

Specialty Sociology

Specialty History


Master`s Degree Programs


 Program “Applied and Mathematical Linguistics”

Program “Communicative Management"

Program “World History”

Program “Sociology”


Why to study at Yanka Kupala Grodno State University?


  • It is one of the oldest Universities in Belarus which trains professionals in tourism.
  • You will be taught by well-experienced teachers who work at the Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.
  • We provide you with English and/or Russian language learning programs.
  • You can take practical training at the University Center of Tourism and Partnership or at other tourist agencies. 
  • We provide you with wide range of extra training programs at other University Departments (there are 16 of them). You can also continue your education at Master’s and PhD degree studies programs.


For more information visit, please,

Yanka Kupala Grodno State University site:,


Why to study in Grodno?


  • It is one of the oldest cities of Belarus where historical center constitutes harmonious synthesis with modern infrastructure. 
  • Grodno represents the greatest density of historical and cultural monuments in Belarus. The city is also known for its green parks.
  • It is a multicultural city which borders on Poland and Lithuania. The city is known for its diverse cultural life.
  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Mir Castle Complex, and Duga Struve which constitute three objects of UNESKO heritage are located in Grodno region.
  • Due to Grodno Visa Free tourist zone your relatives and friends can easily visit you. 


More information is available at Free Economic zone site:



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